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Deciding on a New Well

Water in your home is an important part of your life.  Whether it be for drinking, bathing or irrigation, it's something you depend on.

While we would love to have your job and install a well at your home, we understand your need to compare contractors and equipment.  Please keep in mind as you shop around, there are many differences primarily in the pumping equipment.  It's important to compare apples to apples on what you're getting.  Here are some questions for you to ask to aide in your comparison and ultimate decision.  They are questions that we feel are important in your research, plus ones our customer's have asked.  It is our hope you will find this information helpful.


How deep are the wells in my area?  The depths of wells are different depending on the area.  We as well drillers keep records of these depths, have knowledge from past experiences, and utilize the state and local health department resouces.


How much per foot do you charge and how much to install the pump and tank?  We have a charge based on how deep the wells are in your area plus the pump hook up.  By pump hook we mean:  the pump, tank, drop pipe, wire, everything to hook your new well to your existing plumbing.


Is that the total price or are there additional hidden costs like backhoe fees or trenching?  Sometimes there are hidden costs that you won't find out about until later.  When we take on a job, we meet with you and discuss everything we will do.  If extra lines or augering are required, you will know up front, not when you are submitted the bill.  


How much to abandon my existing well if necessary?  When a new well is drilled, the old one in most cases need to be plugged.  This is a separate charge and it's based on how deep that well is.


Are you the only contractor working on the job or do you hire parts of the job out?  We do everything complete from the drilling to the pump installation.  


What parts of the job do you hire out?  There are some contractors who don't own a drilling rig and have someone else drill the well while they hook it up.  


If a problem arises, who should I contact, you or the other contractor?  This is the main problem when the job is split up.  Make sure you get everyone's name and number that will be involved so that you have them later on if there is an issue.


Will there be a licensed driller on site while the well is being drilled?  With us, always.  We have two licensed drillers.  They are also very experienced.


Is there any sort of clean up involved or will all the drilling fluids flow out over my yard?  We contain the drilling fluids and cuttings to leave as little mess in your yard as possible.


Do you use mats to drive on to help aleviate ruts in my yard?  When they are needed, yes we do.


What type of pump is going to be used?  We use a McDonald stainless pump.  There are no plastic components on the pump.


Is the pump 220 or 110 volt?  We use a 220 volt pump.  It's more efficient than 110.


What is the horsepower of the pump to be installed?  In most cases, we install a 1/2 hp pump.  A 1/2 hp McDonald pump is more powerful than some of the 3/4 or 1 hp plastic pumps on the market.  In areas where the pumps are to be set deeper a 3/4 hp is used.  But you may upgrade if you like.


What kind of warranty does the pump manufacturer offer?  There is a 3 year guarantee on McDonald pumps.


The pipe which the pump hangs on in the well, will that be schedule 80 or will coil plastic be used?  We use schedule 80 stick drop pipe.  Each length is joined together by a coupling.  When coil pipe is used, it is crimped on to the pump.  If a repair is needed, the pump could hang up in the well and pull the pump off.


What is the PSI of the pipe that leads into my house?  We use 160 psi underground pipe.  Its heavier than most.


Are the fittings underground brass, steel, galvanized or plastic?  Brass or stainless should always be used, especially underground.  Other materials used can corrode over time and cause leaks.  This will lead to digging up the fittings and replacing them, which can be costly.


What kind of well tank will I be getting and what is the warranty?  With us, it will either be a Fiberglass or Well X-trol tank.  Each have a 5 year warranty.


What kind of paperwork will I be getting with my new well?  You will receive a Water Well and Pump Record.  This paper is required by the State and is to be filled out and sent to you within 60 days of completion.  The record contains all the information about your new system.  On it you will find the depth of your well, the ground formations, pump and tank information and much more.  It should be filed with your deed or other important papers.  It's also a handy piece of paper to have if you ever need to work on your well.   Also, if you ever sell you house, pass it on to the next owner.




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