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Clean Up

One important thing that sets us apart from every other drilling company is that we are the Clean Ones.  Our customers love the fact that when we leave their place, their lawn is still green, instead of a big gray mess!


During the drilling process, drilling mud and gray sludge is contained and not allowed to run all over your nice green lawn.


Most generally, when the job is finished, the only dirt left behind is from the trench going into your house.  You will be able to mow your lawn again soon after your new well.  The crew is not out to destroy your yard or property.  Please keep in mind though, sometimes accidents do happen.


One note about the trench left behind.  Understand that this is dirt that came from digging for your water line.  It will be a mound.  It needs to settle back down over time.  Raking it away will cause a depression in your yard.  


Want to understand better what we're talking about?  Below is a comparison between our job and other drillers.



Our Job:

This is shortly after drilling. Mats are down and what gray mud is there will be gone when well is completed.

Their Jobs:

Notice the gray fluid and cuttings on the ground after this well was drilled.
The rutts from the tires were so deep, fill dirt had to be brought in which added an unexpected cost to the price of the well.
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