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Things to Know

We understand that having a new well drilled is not an everyday event for our customers.  We always welcome your questions.  If on occasion we can not give you an answer, we most certainly will work on finding someone who can.


The first step to your new well is of course, make the call.  If you are having a problem with your existing well or if you need a new well, we will help you with it.  Some basic information is needed from you like your name, address and phone number.


Before anyone is sent to your house, your existing well (if you are repairing or replacing) is researched as well as the neighborhood.  This is done through well records that since 1962 had to be filed by well drillers with the local and state health departments.  The records give all the information about your well.  In the event your well is not recorded, then we look at the surrounding wells in your area.  We will also use this information to get an idea of how deep the wells are, how much water they produce, if the wells flow or if there is salt in the area.  In the event that the wells are low producers or salty, then a gravel well instead or a bedrock well is considered.


If a new well is needed, when someone comes to your place, they will figure out an appropriate place to install your new well.  You should know where your sewer or septic lines are.  From the sewer, a well has to be a minimum of 10 feet away and 50 feet from septic.  Most generally, approximately 5 to 10 feet from your existing well is will be where the new one will go.  If you want it elsewhere, a favorite tree is in the way or isolation distances can't be met, another spot will be selected.


A well permit is required for all wells drilled in the State of Michigan.  You are responsible for getting the permit from your local health department.  Some health departments require your property id on the permit.  The phone number and address to your local health department can be found on the "Other Important Numbers" page of this site.


We have all yards "staked" by Miss Dig.  Someone will come out and put flags or paint your yard for all underground utilities such as: gas, electirc, phone, cable and occasionally sewer.


The actual process of your new well takes about two days.  Usually, one day to drill the well and the following day for the pump and tank to be installed.  Then you will be ready to use your new well. 


A couple things you also need to know.  First, all wells have been chlorinated.  This is to kill bacteria from the drilling process as well as any bacteria in your plumbing.  Second, you have to take a water sample.  In some counties, the local health officer will do this for you.  In others, you are responsible for taking the sample.  Each county will let you know their policy.  Third, we will send you a water well record.  This is a document telling you everything you need to know about your new well.


One of our primary goals is to treat people like we want to be treated.  We strive to be courteous and cooperative.  Our customers are special to us.  We look forward to meeting new people and hearing their stories.  It's the highlight of our day.


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