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Submersible pumps are used in 4" and larger diameter wells.  They are installed in the well.  Submersibles are considered to be more economical to run.

AY McDonald is our pump of choice.  We have used them for forty years. McDonald pumps are a stainless pump.  They have a separate pump and motor end.  This means the ends can be replaced separately if something should go wrong with just one end, you would not have to pay for an entire pump. Other pumps being installed in the industry are plastic and will split, causing the entire pump to be replaced.  The motor end of the pump is from Franklin Electric.  


We also use a Grunfos Pump.  It is also stainless steel.  Grunfos makes a "slimmer" pump that will fit inside a 4" well when a repair is needed.


There are many brands of pumps.  We have used a variety and repaired them as well.  We stick with McDonald pumps because of their durabily and when it comes to warranty, they stand behind their product, contrasting to other manufacturers where we have found do not!







Although many 2" wells are being replaced, we still work on them and jet pumps.  We also carry new and used pumps, motors, and parts.  Call us for more information.

Submersible Pump Being Installed in Well
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